2013 NFL Draft: Dallas Cowboys Continue With Questionable Moves, Select Gavin Escobar

By Ben Grimaldi
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys frustrated their fan base yesterday with a questionable trade and draft pick of Travis Frederick. It seems like the second round wasn’t any better for the Cowboys and their fans.

With the 47th pick overall in the 2013 NFL Draft, the Cowboys selected Gavin Escobar, a pass catching tight end.

It was a pick that further frustrated Cowboys fans because Dallas already has two pass catching tight ends in Jason Witten and James Hanna, who came on during the last part of the year. Perhaps the pick was made even worse because there were players the Cowboys have been linked to throughout the draft process and prospects the Cowboys could certainly use to help their team in 2013. Larry Warford, D.J. Swearinger, Montee Ball and even Eddie Lacy were still available when the Cowboys were on the clock.

The Cowboys went in a different direction and obviously don’t value some of the players as highly as scouts and fans believe they should. Still, the pick is a questionable one because Dallas already has a solid combination of receiving tight ends and has a stronger need for a blocking tight end on the roster.

Actually, the Cowboys have major needs at offensive guard, anywhere along the defensive line and safety, so the selection of Escobar seemed like a luxury and that is something the Cowboys cannot afford this offseason. It’s very hard to justify picking a tight end when the Cowboys still have major needs elsewhere.

Like yesterday, the pick isn’t a bad player; in fact Escobar can be a very good weapon for the Cowboys. His size, 6-6, will make him a miss-match against any defender and the Cowboys now have the ability to attack defenses in the middle of the field with two very good tight ends, which is a growing trend in the NFL. Escobar also has the size to be an outstanding red zone target, which can improve the Cowboys efficiency.

Escobar is a good player and adding another weapon for Tony Romo is always a good thing but just like yesterday, the Cowboys selected a player when there might have better options on the board.

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