2013 NFL Draft: Denver Broncos' Day Two Preview

By Joe Morrone
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos had a successful first day of the NFL Draft in selecting defensive tackle, Sylvester Williams. Williams is the big tackle the Broncos have been searching for, and will fit in nicely to what is now an imposing defensive tackle group for the Broncos.

The Broncos now move onto day two with the second and third rounds to take place on Friday night. While the draft is weaker at the very top, it is stronger than average in the middle and the Broncos should get a couple of good players.

The guess here is that there are three positions the Broncos will target on Friday night. Those positions include running back, cornerback and linebacker. It is also possible they could look at a safety if there is one they really like. The Broncos will stay true to their board and take the best player available; they’ve proven that in the three years under John Elway’s leadership.

There is an educated rumor that if Michigan State running back Le’Veon Bell is on the board when the Broncos pick in the second round, they will pull the trigger. The same rumor/reports indicate that the Broncos love Bell and feel like he could step into the offense and contribute immediately.

Bell is a guy we had the Broncos taking in the later rounds, but his stock has shot up in recent weeks. If they have the opportunity to select him with their second-round pick, there’s a very good chance they will.

As a reminder, Bell is the big back that the Broncos have been seeking, he runs downhill and is excellent in short-yardage situations. Remember, the Broncos struggled greatly on third and shorts last season, and if they improve, the offense will be that much better. The addition of Bell would do just that.

If the Broncos go in a different direction in the second-round or if Bell is gone, there are two running backs they might look at in the third-round. Both Stephan Taylor and Marcus Lattimore could be picks for the Broncos in round number three. Of the two, Taylor is probably a little more attractive just because of the fact that Lattimore is coming off of a serious knee injury.

The Broncos will get two players on Friday night and one of them is almost certainly going to be a running back. The first-round is about getting a player who can start immediately, the rest of the draft is about building the foundation of your team. The building continues on Friday.

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