2013 NFL Draft: Geno Smith Will Return for 2nd Night of Draft

By Curt Popejoy
West Virginia Geno Smith
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Shortly after West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith slipped from the green room without doing an on-camera interview, it was reported by Suzy Kolber from ESPN that Smith did not plan to return to Radio City Music Hall for the second round of the draft. However, he apparently changed his mind early Tuesday morning and will return to hear his name called Friday night.

At first, there were people who said that Smith not returning was somehow indicative of him being soft, and not being able to deal with hard times. They said if he had the testicular fortitude he’d come back Friday night and sit there again with all the other second-day draft hopefuls.

The other side of this debate was that all the evaluation has been done on Smith and his decision to not return was a personal one and does not reflect any shortcomings in his personality. He expected to be drafted in the first round, and since that didn’t happen, he was going to spend time with his family while watching the second round hopefully.

What people need to understand is all of these young men have egos; some of them have massive egos. All reports I have ever heard/read on Smith as a person stated he has a huge ego. Thursday night’s event had to be a shot to them, so I get that he was a little hurt. The only thing different from Smith’s situation and a player like USC quarterback Matt Barkley is that Barkley wasn’t being starred down all night on camera. I’m sure he was counting on his name being called and wasn’t happy when it wasn’t either. I stick with my evaluation that Smith is potentially a very good starting quarterback and I expect to hear his name called very early in the second round.

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