2013 NFL Draft: Pittsburgh Steelers Should Target Justin Hunter

By Curt Popejoy
Justin Hunter
Jim Browns-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, the first round of the 2013 NFL draft saw the Pittsburgh Steelers make great strides toward improving a problematic pass rush with the selection of linebacker Jarvis Jones from Georgia. Jones is a violent and disruptive athlete who slipped a little due to injury concerns, but if healthy promises to be the next great Steelers pass rusher. However, no time to dwell on that as everyone is now looking ahead to tonight’s second round. There is some tremendous talent left on the board and at some key positions for the Steelers.

The debate is over on which position is the primary position of need for the Steelers at this point. Most felt like a pass rusher was a high priority, and they got one. Looking at the second round and the talent that should be available, the top need could very well be to add another big play wide receiver. It’s hard to see how long the Steelers will be able to retain the receivers they have, so it makes perfect sense to me to go get more depth in the second round.

My pick for the Steelers in the second is Justin Hunter from Tennessee. All the talk about the Volunteers wide outs has centered around Cordarrelle Patterson, but there is so much to love about Hunter’s game. He’s got excellent size, and while he might not be the playmaker after the catch of his former teammate, his overall game, including his football IQ and polish, is much better. When you watch Hunter your understand just how good he is at using his length and leaping to create a large catch radius that teams love. With smaller receivers they can have all the insane triangle numbers you want to toss out, but their size creates much smaller windows for their quarterback to throw to. Hunter gives quarterbacks a very large window and his ability to make the contested catch is a definite strength for him.

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