2013 NFL Draft: Targets for San Francisco 49ers Second Round Pick

By Lance Cartelli

The San Francisco 49ers traded up last night to fill their biggest hole on the roster by selecting safety Eric Reid. On Friday, the 49ers currently hold three picks in rounds two and three of the NFL Draft (34th overall, 61st overall and 93rd overall), and there will be quality players on the board when they select.

With their first choice, the 49ers have a plethora of options that can come in and immediately contribute to help them get back to the Super Bowl, which is obviously the goal after coming so close last year.

Zach Ertz, TE – Ertz is a Stanford product who previously played for 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh. He can immediately come in and be the second tight end to replace former 49er Delanie Walker who left via free agency when he signed with the Tennessee Titans. Ertz is widely considered the second best tight end in the draft and he already knows the Niners offense, but last year Walker played less then 50% of the snaps on offense. Would the Niners really be getting value to take a backup TE?

Jesse Williams, NT – Williams is a big bodied nose tackle that could come in and stop the run. But with the NFL becoming a pass-happy league, the NT is not used very often in the 49ers’ system. Former NT Isaac Soapoaga would only play a handful of snaps some games. Williams would fill a need, but once again there isn’t a lot of value for a two-down player that leaves the field on passing downs.

Tank Carradine, DE/OLB – Carradine flashed huge pass rushing ability in college and was seen as a top 15 pick before the year. He tore his ACL this past season, and reports are that his knee is comparable to what Daquan Bowers knee was like before he was drafted 51st overall a couple years ago. The 49ers already have two quality OLB in their 3-4 alignment in Aldon Smith and Ahmad Brooks, but they have little depth behind them and you can never have too many pass rushers in the NFL. If the 49ers feel his knee is in good shape, Carradine can be a steal at the top of the second round. Tank is the player I would choose if I had my druthers, plus how can you go wrong with a guy named Tank?

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