Expect New England Patriots to Select DB with First Pick in 2013 NFL Draft

By Michael Terrill
Expect New England Patriots to Select DB with First Pick in 2013 NFL Draft
Eric P. Mull-USA TODAY Sports

Whether it is a cornerback or a safety, the New England Patriots will in all likelihood select a defensive back with their first pick of the 2013 NFL Draft. New England’s first pick of the draft will not occur until the 20th selection of the second round. This is because they traded their first round pick to the Minnesota Vikings Thursday night.

There is one player in particular that the Patriots should keep their eye on as they inch closer to their turn to make their first selection. Florida International University strong safety Jonathan Cyprien is a defensive player New England cannot go wrong with.

Considering safety Patrick Chung left the Patriots this offseason in free agency, New England would be wise to select Cyprien.

The 6-foot, 217-pound safety is a player that could have easily gone in the late first round. However, the fact that he is still around is huge because it does not appear that any team ahead of the Patriots will take a safety in the second round. Cyprien has an aggressive playing style in which he hits hard, something head coach Bill Belichick loves from his defensive players. His 93 tackles and four interceptions are everything the organization needs to know about his instincts and ball handling skills.

Even though Cyprien is not afraid to make the hit, sometimes he tackles too high which causes the ball carrier to break free. Tackling lower will be something he will need to work on at the next level if he wants to be an impact player for New England. The good news is that the Patriots have outstanding coaches that will be able to improve his technique.

Cyprien may take some time to adjust to the professional level. It will take solid coaching, patience and dedication on his part to be an influence on the team. With that being said, if he works hard enough there is no doubt he can be a top safety in the league in no time.

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