Fresh NFL Jerseys Make for Stellar Draft Experience

Tavon Austin enjoying his NFL jersey

Jerry Lai – USA TODAY Sports

While watching the 2013 NFL Draft, the initial question is how in the world the league is able to get the names on the back of draftees’ jerseys so quick? For instance, when the St. Louis Rams traded up from pick 16 to pick eight and selected Tavon Austin, how did “Austin” appear on a fresh jersey so rapidly? The answer is on site presses that make sure the NFL squeezes every drop out of the draft experience.

Putting the right name on the right jersey takes a total of 30 seconds, however that segment of time makes the ordeal 10 times more appealing to the casual fan. Watching the illuminated prospect float across the stage to accept his brand-new jersey is truly a spectacle. The NFL stands for National Football League, but far too often the slogan “Not For Long” goes right along with it, so it’s important to embrace romantic moments like draft night.

Just by donning these new jerseys the NFL gets a much larger reaction from fans. Like it or not, the NFL is a business and just by implementing these convenient presses the draft day experience is revamped from a nerds paradise to a national event. If you don’t believe me, in 2013 7.7 million people watched the first round of the NFL draft and in 2012 8.1 million people watched — 2013 saw lower ratings because the bulk of the draft was not inhabited by skill players.

Viewers across the country tune in just to see their new favorite player dawn a jersey from their favorite team. Just another reason why the NFL is the biggest money making business in sports.

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