2013 NFL Draft: Denver Broncos Add Big Back in Montee Ball

By Joe Morrone
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos went into the 2013 NFL Draft with a specific plan and through the first two days they have executed it. A big part of that plan was finding a big running back that could run between the tackles, and pick up those 3rd and shorts that keep drives alive.

The Broncos found their guy in Montee Ball in the second-round of the draft. Ball is the classic big back who also has some explosiveness once he breaks into the open. Ball is also very adept at breaking tackles and will carry defenders for a yard or two, and that’s what is needed when it is third and second late in the fourth quarter.

Ball fits the offense of the Broncos perfectly and will provide them with a dimension they did not always have in 2012. They ran the ball well at times but there were too many times when the Broncos were running the ball just to keep the defense honest. With all due respect to Willis McGahee who has been solid for the Broncos, he does not scare defenses.

Peyton Manning had a great season and did it without much of a threat in the running game. The Broncos were one of the best teams in running play-action, imagine how much better a play-fake will be if Ball has been ripping off four and five yard runs all day.

Ball probably won’t walk in and be the guy from day one, he will be a part of a rotation but make no mistake the Broncos drafted him for one primary reason. He is a physical runner that will help keep opposing defenses honest.

A quick note, the Broncos liked Eddie Lacy as well but went with Ball for medical reasons. Lacy has a foot issue that has scared some teams, and is the primary reason he has fallen.

The Broncos also added cornerback, Kayvon Webster in the third-round. Webster is not well – known but he is possibly the fastest corner in the draft, running a 4.41 40-yard dash. Webster is also a physical cornerback who plays the run well, and will stick his helmet in to make tackles.

Webster’s favorite cornerback is Champ Bailey, and now he has the opportunity to learn from one of the very best. Webster probably won’t play right away on defense but he is a good special teams player, and will contribute there.

In the meantime, Webster will learn from Bailey and the rest of the veteran corners and be ready to play when his time comes. The draft is not only about next season, it’s also about looking two and three years down the road. The Broncos selected Webster because Bailey is 35 and Dominque-Rodgers Cromartie is on a one-year deal.

The first two days of the draft are in the books and the Broncos have done very well. They’ve added three good football players who also meet their needs. Day three is on tap and the Broncos will seek to add three more good players, stay with Rant Sports for complete coverage.

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