2013 NFL Draft: The Cincinnati Bengals Continue to Strengthen Offense With RB Rex Burkhead

By Simon Greene
Rex Burkhead
Bob Barr – USA TODAY Sports

It seems that the Cincinnati Bengals are determined that they are going to win the Super Bowl in the 2013 NFL season by using the strongest possible offense at their disposal. After drafting TE Tyler Eifer, RB Giovani Bernard and offensive guard Tanner Hawkinson, the Bengals have now returned to the running back position to draft with the 190th overall pick. Bengals fans, welcome RB Rex Burkhead out of Nebraska to the ever-strengthening offense.

Now, I know what you’re thinking and it was my initial reaction too. With such huge depth at the position, why continue to draft? Well, it seems that it’s time to say goodbye to Brian Leonard, henceforth known as ‘old Rex’ two very similar players, Burkhead will make for an excellent 3rd down back. Burkhead will never be a starting running back, but he will make for a decent workhorse and a welcome asset in Cincinnati.

Burkhead has shown over the course of his college career that he is ready for the work. With 3,329 yards and 30 rushing touchdowns over his career, Burkhead showed his quick feet while being able to put up four to five yards per carry. Carrying the ball at least 30 yards again, he has time and time again proven that he’s ready to do what it takes to make it in the NFL.

Unfortunately for Burkhead, the reason he will not become a star in the NFL and will be his average strength. Burkead was able to make headway with the linebackers in college but the bigger NFL backers will be able to do a good job at keeping him at bay.

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