Houston Texans Come into 2013 NFL Draft With Many Needs, Get Big Solutions

By Michael Collins
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Few really good NFL teams came into this year’s draft with as many pressing needs as the Houston Texans. From wide receiver, to interior defense all the way to a playmaking member of the secondary, there wasn’t much that Houston didn’t need to pick up this year. All things considered, the Texans did an exceptional job of meeting those needs.

Much like their NFC counterparts, the Atlanta Falcons, the draft laid out nicely for Houston, with many of their primary needs being positions that had very high depth, or that were not going to be in huge demand by other teams.

Their gem of a first pick in Round 1, Clemson WR DeAndre Hopkins, got the party started off on the right foot for Houston, and they kept rolling along as the draft progressed.

One of the things that was high on the list of needs besides a consistent number two wide receiver was someone who could steal the show from opponent’s wideouts. South Carolina safety D.J. Swearinger fit the bill perfectly. He’s a DB with a history of big hits and big plays for the Gamecocks, and will no doubt be able to make his way into the starting role for the Texans very quickly.

The issue of adding a little beef to the offensive line was addressed with a 6’6, 315 pound slab of North Carolina prime rib named Brennan Williams, an edgy RT who will give the Texans a little attitude to go along with size. With some technique work on his pass protection, Williams can be a long-term solution on the right side of he Houston O-line.

The only real need Houston had that wasn’t filled via this draft was on the interior of the defensive line. The Texans desperately needed a big nose tackle and perhaps another defensive lineman, but really didn’t get anyone until the sixth round when they picked up Christopher Jones from Bowling Green University. He’s got below average run defense skills and average to better pass rush ability, so he might be a project or possible backup, but not likely to be a big impact starter.

The two defensive ends Houston picked–LSU‘s Sam Montgomery and Connecticut‘s Trevardo Williams–could be possibilities for conversion into tackles, but both were the best available when the Texans took them.

No team gets everything they need in a draft, and given the Texans’ long wish list, the 2013 draft was pretty kind to them.

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