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Dallas Cowboys 2013 NFL Draft Grades

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2013 NFL Draft: Dallas Cowboys Draft Grades

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The Dallas Cowboys didn't have a good showing in the 2013 NFL Draft. That is a plain, simple fact that should ensure more mediocrity for the team this season and possibly beyond that. However, there was one solid pick and three that could end up as pleasant surprises down the road, so Dallas fans who are on the ledge can step away.

That's certainly not to suggest this team had a good draft by any stretch of the imagination. If the Cowboys were to get an overall draft grade, it would be a "D" at best and probably closer to an "F." The team has a glaring need at offensive guard, yet not a single player was drafted at that position. Center was also a big need and the Cowboys took one, but did so way too early, which is just like making a bad pick (and folks wonder why this team can't get past the plague of mediocrity).

So now we dive into each one of the Cowboys' picks in the 2013 NFL Draft. Dallas selected seven players in the first six rounds and we've got the breakdown on each one of them right here, including their overall grade as prospects and how they'll fit in with the team in both the long- and short-term. Shall we?

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Wisconsin C Travis Frederick

Travis Frederick
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The Cowboys absolutely embarrassed themselves by drafting Travis Frederick with the No. 31 overall pick. Frederick is a third-round talent and projected to go in the latter part of day two, but Dallas wasted a trade down from No. 18 overall when they could have gotten Frederick much later. Sure, he's a center and the Cowboys desperately need help at that position, but drafting a third-round talent in the first is never good.

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San Diego State TE Gavin Escobar

Gavin Escobar
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Contrary to popular belief, the Cowboys didn't need another tight end. Sure, John Phillips departed via free agency, but Dallas is still more than blessed at the position with All-Pro Jason Witten as the starter and sophomore phenom James Hanna as the young backup with tons of potential. Like these two, Gavin Escobar is a pass-catching tight end who will almost certainly develop into a solid contributor down the road, but he was not what Dallas needed with its second-round pick, especially after flubbing with the first-rounder.

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Baylor WR Terrance Williams

terrance williams
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Terrance Williams would have been a very exciting selection had the Cowboys made a good choice with their first- and/or second-round pick. He could easily develop into what Laurent Robinson was for Tony Romo in 2011, which would have made a huge difference in Dallas' success last season. He's a great all-around receiver who knows how to make himself open even in tight coverage, which is exactly what made Robinson successful in his partial season with the 'Boys.

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Georgia Southern FS J.J. Wilcox

JJ Wilcox
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This pick was easily the Cowboys' best of the draft. Finding your starting free safety in the late third round is a dream come true for any NFL team, especially one like Dallas that cut Gerald Sensabaugh earlier this offseason. JJ Wilcox played receiver, slot back and safety at Georgia Southern and did well at all three. He's got great potential in the open field and also solid with run support. He'll be the starting safety by midseason at the latest and will be at least one pleasant surprise for Dallas in 2013.

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William & Mary CB B.W. Webb

BW Webb
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Although Dallas needed more offensive line help, this pick actually wasn't bad considering BW Webb's upside. He's a big-school talent who played at the small school level and should challenge Orlando Scandrick for playing time in the slot, especially now that Mike Jenkins is gone. Regardless, Webb should start as the Cowboys' nickel back from day one and work his way into more playing time as he continues to progress.

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Oklahoma State RB Joseph Randle

Joseph Randle
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Dallas certainly didn't "need" another running back like many "experts" led the football world to believe, but landing Joseph Randle in the fifth round would be considered a steal for any team. He's a solid all-around back with great size and shiftiness. He's not the fastest running back in the world, but he's smart and uses his strengths and brains to outweigh his weaknesses.

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South Carolina LB DeVonte Holloman

DeVonte Holloman
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Although DeVonte Holloman is a solid player and an extremely intriguing prospect, an outside linebacker is the last thing Dallas needed in this draft. The Cowboys have plenty of talent and depth at the position, even after Kyle Wilber was moved to defensive end (which was an absolutely moronic move, by the way). Still, Holloman is one of those hybrid-type players who is really too big to be a defensive back but too fast and quick to be a linebacker, so he could play a lot of different positions and special situations. If the Cowboys had filled their other needs earlier, Holloman would have been an outstanding sixth-round selection.