Does Former New York Jets QB Tim Tebow Have a Future in the NFL?

By Paul Seaver

On Monday morning, the New York Jets announced that they had released back-up quarterback Tim Tebow. With the news comes the instant speculation on where he will wind up next and what teams might express interest in him. Yet with that being said, does Tebow even have a future in the NFL?

Tebow has had an interesting timeline in the NFL to say the least. After being considered an average prospect coming out of college, Tebow was drafted by the Denver Broncos in the first round, eventually earning the team’s starting job and guiding the squad to a playoff victory two seasons ago. After the Broncos elected to bring Peyton Manning into the fold a year ago, Tebow was left to look elsewhere. The Jets took a chance on him and in one season in New York, the circus that ensued is enough to question whatever happens from here.

Tebow has never asked for the attention that he has warranted, it has simply worked out that way. Now with his release, it will be interesting what teams — if any — are interested. Some believe Tebow could be an excellent addition for a team north of the border in the Canadian football league, while others seem to still think he could make a nice addition for some NFL team. But it’s not just about where for Tebow, it’s about what he will play.

Teams have expressed interest in Tebow in the past, but not as a quarterback. Tebow could remain in the NFL at his comfortable position, but his best chance of landing a job could come as a potential tight end. But is he willing to make that adjustment? Well, he might not have much of a choice at this point if he wants to remain in the NFL.

The bottom line is this — Tebow should have a continued future in the NFL, but will he? Will he adjust to the claims of certain organizations?

Well, we will eventually find out what the next step in Tebow-mania will be.


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