Jacksonville Jaguars Should Bring in Tim Tebow

By Devin O'Barr

It has been six years since the Jacksonville Jaguars had a winning record, so why wouldn’t the team take a chance on hometown hero Tim Tebow? The Florida Gators legend is now on the NFL open market, and although they have denied interest in the past, the Jaguars are an ideal fit for Tebow.

Blaine Gabbert is one of the biggest busts in Jaguars history, however they continue to watch the ship sink showing they are simply too stubborn for their own good. Rather than draft a replacement for the struggling Gabbert, Jacksonville decided to wait until the 2014 NFL Draft to snag a quarterback. With the inability to draw fans, it would be a wonderful financial decision to bring Tebow into the mix.

Don’t kid yourselves, Luke Joeckel isn’t going to make the Jags contenders this year, so why plug Gabbert underneath center when a fan favorite like Tebow is willing and able to play the part? Also, it’s not like Tebow has no pedigree because his 8-6 regular season record and postseason success is nothing to scoff at — Gabbert is 5-19 and has never reached the playoffs. What it comes down to is giving a fan base that has suffered endlessly someone and something to root for and believe in.

Rarely do I say listen to the fans, but in this particular situation the Tebow experiment is well worth the minimal price it’s going to cost. With nothing to lose, the Jags are only making a mockery of their fans if they decide to pass on the Gator legend.


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