Jacksonville Jaguars Still Don’t Want Tim Tebow

By Joey Farbo

The New York Jets released Tim Tebow on Monday and immediately the entire world began linking him to his hometown team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, again.

Sorry to disappoint you world, but Tebow is not going to be in a Jaguars uniform anytime soon. In case you forgot, new Jaguars general manager Dave Caldwell emphatically ruled out the possibility of acquiring Tebow in his first press conference.

For those of you who forgot, here is a direct quote from Caldwell on the subject of Tebow:

“I can’t imagine a scenario where he would be a Jacksonville Jaguar…even if he is released.”

That’s about as firm of an answer that you are going to get out of an NFL decision maker, yet every time Tebow’s name is mentioned people automatically assume that bringing him in is too good for the Jaguars to pass up. After what happened in 2012, I do not know why any team would want to bring Tebow in. Tebow’s presence in the Jets locker room brought a circus-like atmosphere that served as a major distraction for the team and potentially derailed the career of Mark Sanchez.

There is a myth being perpetuated by the media that Tebow is the ultimate team player, but he isn’t. The Jaguars just drafted a player in Denard Robinson who knows his limitations as a college quarterback and is willing to play any position to help the team win. On the other hand, Tebow has made it known that he is not willing to switch positions despite his obvious flaws as a quarterback.

So while I know that every time Tebow is available he will be linked to the Jaguars because it is low-hanging fruit, but just know that as long as the Jaguars currently regime is in place it is never going to happen.

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