Philadelphia Eagles Hope Matt Barkley is Their Answer for Post Michael Vick Era

By Dan Parzych

There were plenty of things to take away from the 2013 NFL Draft, but one of the biggest surprises may have been former USC quarterback Matt Barkley slipping all the way down to the Philadelphia Eagles in the fourth round. For a player that most likely would have been a top-10 selection if he didn’t return to school for his senior season, falling all of the way to the fourth round had to sting for Barkley considering how much money he missed out on.

However, they say where there’s a negative, there’s always a positive–which is exactly the case for Barkley’s situation in Philadelphia.

There’s a good chance Michael Vick won’t be a member of the Eagles once the 2013 season comes to an end and of all the quarterbacks from this year’s draft class–the argument can be made that Barkley showed the most potential to develop into a franchise quarterback. Even if he did fall to the fourth round in this year’s draft, there was a reason why Barkley most likely would have been a top-10 pick in 2012.

Forget everything that happened at USC last season and take into consideration that Barkley threw for nearly 7,000 yards and 75 touchdowns over the last two seasons. If there’s anything to take away from this weekend’s draft, it would be that Barkley will have a chip on his shoulder for his entire career for the other 31 teams that decided to pass on him and it will be exciting to see if he takes advantage of his situation in Philadelphia.

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