Tim Tebow Out Of Big Apple After New York Jets Hurt His Career

By Christy Valdez

The New York Jets have decided to end Tebow Mania as Tim Tebow now exits New York. Though to be fair, it never got started to begin with.

When Tebow arrived to the Jets in March of last year in a much-publicized signing, the opportunity seemed to be a nice one for one of the NFL’s most popular players. Although the media craze followed along, this relationship was destined to go nowhere.

New York should have been the opportunity for Tebow to be in the spot light, but it got off to a rocky start as soon as the much-hyped battle for the starting QB job between him and Mark Sanchez began. The Jets soon labeled Tebow as the No. 2 QB but rather than helping grow in his career, the one-year deal ended up hurting him.

Throughout the 2012 season, there were plenty of signs that the Jets-Tebow relationship was going nowhere. For most of the games, the most anyone saw of Tebow in a Jets uniform was on the sidelines. Sure, he did partake in some plays, just not the way many expected him to.

While Sanchez made plenty of mistakes on the field, Tebow never got the chance to showcase what he could have done.

The biggest smack in the face for Tebow was when the Jets decided to go to Greg McElroy over him when Sanchez got benched. Getting passed over for the No. 3 quarterback when he was labeled as the backup was pretty much the clearest signal that it would only be a matter of time before Tebowmania came to an end prematurely.

At the 2013 NFL draft, his time in New York ticked down to its final hours as the Jets added Geno Smith to its quarterback lineup. With six quarterbacks in what was quickly turning into a circus, Tebow ended up being the victim.

The Jets have made bad decisions before, but there was really no reason for them to have gone through the whole trade with the Denver Broncos if they really had no desire to use Tebow. It was pretty much a waste of money on their part and they wasted Tebow’s time while hurting his career.

As Tebow has now been cut off the team rather than traded, not many options are open for him. But, it will be interesting in which direction he decides to go. Tebow’s time on Broadway may be over, but he’s probably the bigger winner in this as he gets out of the Jets’ QB circus.

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