Tim Tebow Released by New York Jets; Where Will He Land?

By Stephen Conway

What was expected to happen months ago, has finally occurred, and it took the drafting of Geno Smith, to make it happen. The New York Jets have released Tim Tebow this morning, per Adam Schefter.

The move does not come as much surprise, as the Jets did draft Smith on Friday, adding another quarterback to a list of five potential starers. It was obvious that the Jets would have to slim the roster down, it was just a matter of who would get the “axe” first.

Many reports surfaced right after the drafting of Smith that quarterback Mark Sanchez might be released. This seems to be highly unlikely, as releasing Sanchez eats up a ton of cap space, but the move is possible.

Now, the question is: who will pick up Tebow? Is there a team right now in need for his services? It is too early to tell, but you have to imagine that a team will pick him up. Even if he isn’t the starting quarterback, it was evident with the Jets that as long as you have a proven and capable starting quarterback, Tebow is not only a good business decision, but he is a excellent backup quarterback that can come in and win games here and there when your starter cannot play due to injury. When you have an embattled quarterback such as Sanchez, then “all hell breaks loose.”

Who will the Jets cut next? With the release of Tebow, they now have five quarterbacks on the roster, and you hope that the number will cut down to about three or four. We shall see in the weeks to come.

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