Tim Tebow Released: Could The Chicago Bears Have Interest?

By Randy Holt

In the latest installment of the Tim Tebow Saga, the New York Jets decided early Monday to part ways with their controversial quarterback, though it doesn’t exactly free them of a quarterback controversy anytime soon. It does, however, reignite “Tebow Mania”, which had been quiet for the past several months.

Speculation over where the embattled quarterback could sign is sure to be rampant. Many will suggest he just head to the CFL for a bit, develop his game as a quarterback, and come back looking like a real signal caller. Others will attempt to determine which teams could take a look at bringing him aboard.

The options are likely to be few out on the market for Tebow. Most teams have their quarterback situation settled, and even those teams looking for depth or are without a true starter at the position are not going to want the media circus associated with Tim Tebow.

But one team that could have at least some degree of interest is the Chicago Bears. We heard about the Bears and Tebow a couple months ago, due to a connection between Tebow and new head coach Marc Trestman somewhere in the past.

Now it is a real possibility, as Tebow is free to sign wherever he’d like and the Bears wouldn’t have to surrender anything to bring him in. Would they have interest, though? It’s possible, given their current situation with Josh McCown as their backup to Jay Cutler.

It has been speculated, both before and during last weekend’s NFL Draft that the Bears wanted a project at quarterback. With Cutler’s future sort of up in the air, as he’s a free agent after the season, this is pretty much a make-or-break year for him. Which means that project could be a large part of the future of this organization.

That’s not to say that Cutler won’t be back, or that project would be next year’s quarterback, or any other conclusions that can be drawn. It is something to be aware of, though. Bringing in Tebow would give them a capable backup that a guy like Trestman can work with.

Of course, bringing in a solid backup doesn’t necessarily outweigh the negatives of the media circus that would follow. Smart money has Tebow winding up in Canada. But the possibility of a team bringing him in is still there. Count the Bears among the teams on the short list that could have interest.

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