Timing of New York Jets Release of Tim Tebow is a Joke

By Ben Grimaldi

The New York Jets have the right to do whatever they want with their football team but if this past year has taught us anything about the franchise, it’s that they lack class. The latest example of that was by releasing Tim Tebow after the 2013 NFL Draft and after most teams had signed their free agent quarterbacks.

Let’s get one thing clear right now; there isn’t a single person who follows football that believed the Jets were going to keep Tebow on the roster in 2013. The team, the fans and everyone else knew the Jets were going to release Tebow, yet they waited until almost every team in the league was filled with quarterback options before they released him. What a joke!

Please don’t tell me how the NFL is a business and that it’s all part of the process in the game of football because it’s not. The Jets made it clear months ago they weren’t going to keep Tim Tebow and they should have released him when he had a better chance of signing with another team. Instead they strung Tebow along and gave him false hope that the Jets might keep him. He was still working out at the team facility every day for goodness sakes.

I also don’t want to hear how the Jets were right to keep him from exploring his options so he can’t land on a team that may compete with the Jets because that’s bologna. If the Jets thought he was any good they would have kept him, but they obviously don’t believe in his talent so they shouldn’t be afraid of where he’ll play next. It’s called courtesy and the Jets didn’t exercise any of it.

The Jets have embarrassed Tim Tebow from the day he arrived and this was the final act. The Jets never played him enough or gave him a chance to succeed and to put the cherry on top of the embarrassment sundae, they release him at the worst possible time.

I am not a fan of Tebow as a player, but the callous way the Jets handled the decision to cut a player who has done nothing to deserve it is a disgrace. And we wonder why the Jets have been a joke over the past year?

In the last 12 months, the Jets have been the butt of plenty of jokes, but this is the biggest butt fumble of them all.

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