Top 5 Potential Landing Spots For Former New York Jets QB Tim Tebow

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Top 5 Potential Landing Spots For Tim Tebow

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On Monday morning, news broke that the New York Jets had made a move regarding back-up quarterback Tim Tebow. The team released Tebow after just one, long and drama-filled seasons involving his potential ability and playing time (or lack thereof).

After a miserable season that drew more attention off the field than on, the Jets are making the moves that are necessary to hopefully clear their roster of the circus that is had become. Now, that doesn't mean that Tebow was asking for the drama and attention, but that's just the way it is. Tebow is an automatic trend in the media world, even though he barely impacted the Jets a season ago.

With Tebow's release on Monday morning, the Jets are now set to move forward with Mark Sanchez, as expected (at least for the time being). On Friday night however, in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft, New York got a potential steal in the second round with QB prospect Geno Smith. While there is no timetable or plan for Smith at the moment, the Jets may picked up their quarterback for the future, so with that being said, it really is no surprise that Tebow was released.

Prior to the Tebow release, the Jets had six quarterbacks listed on their roster following the decision to draft Smith. Now that number is down to five and alongside both Smith and Sanchez, the Jets also have roster spots for David Garrard, Greg McElroy and Matt Simms.

Well, Tebow is now gone, so why not start the speculation into where he could end up next?

Many teams would be interested in Tebow as a potential tight end or running back, but the former Florida Gators' star has been open in having no interest in switching things up.

Without further ado, let's dive into five potential landing spots for free agent QB Tim Tebow:

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No. 5- Oakland Raiders

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The Oakland Raiders acquired Matt Flynn this off-season and then drafted Tyler Wilson over the weekend. Their depth chart also includes Terrelle Pryor, but Oakland could surely make some headlines by signing Tebow. There's no way they could pursue him as a quarterback, but maybe Tebow would change his perspective on things and join the Raiders as a tight end? Could be an option.

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No. 4- Green Bay Packers

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If the Green Bay Packers signed Tim Tebow he would probably overtake the starting job within a few days of joining the team. That's sarcasm, folks. Aaron Rodgers became the highest paid player in the history of the NFL on Friday afternoon, but Tebow could potentially bring another aspect to their dynamic offense. The Packers boosted their running game this past weekend by drafting Eddie Lacy and Jonathan Franklin, but Green Bay could potentially make a play at Tebow.

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No. 3- Dallas Cowboys

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Jerry Jones drafted Travis Frederick in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft last Thursday night -- a questionable move in the eyes of many Cowboys' fans. What's up next? Why not take a stab at Tebow? Jerry's World loves headlines and Tebow would certainly supply them in a back-up role to Tony Romo.

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No. 2- Jacksonville Jaguars

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Okay, this still makes sense. The Jacksonville Jaguars were a top choice for Tebow a season ago, but the feeling wasn't mutual. As the picture above indicates, Jaguars' fans wanted Tebow last year and now here's a second chance. Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne highlight the team's QB depth chart for the time being, so there's really no reason for Jacksonville not to at least look into acquiring Tebow for 2013.

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No. 1- New England Patriots

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The New England Patriots and New York Jets have had a budding rivalry that has made some excellent headlines over the past few seasons. The next chapter? Tebow Time. No, Tebow won't come in and take Tom Brady's spot, but he could add a another dimension to the Patriots' offense. In addition to that, there's never really any drama in New England, so you know head coach Bill Belichick would have things under control. He could even represent a potential turning point for Tebow and his NFL future.