Dallas Cowboys: Does Jerry Jones Realize What He Said About Tony Romo?

By Jack Jorgensen
Matthew Emmons- USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a yearly ritual since 1989. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones gets a microphone put in front of him, he starts speaking words from the English language (this can be questioned sometimes), and everyone in the country shakes their head in amazement.

No, not the positive kind of amazement neither. Throughout the years, we’ve learned to tolerate and even poke fun at the comments made by the outspoken leader of ‘America’s Team.’

This past week, most people were focused on the explanation of the somewhat questionable draft picks Jones made over the weekend during the 2013 NFL Draft. I basically tuned the explanation out like I do most of Jones’ words lately.

However, he also had some comments this week about his controversial QB Tony Romo — the same man that he was recently awarded a hefty six-year, $180 million contract to — comments that finally made me realize that Jerry literally does not think before he speaks.

Speaking to the Dallas Morning News this week, Jones expressed the work ethic that he desires from his generously-compensated quarterback. In a nutshell, he basically proclaimed that he expects the game of football to become Romo’s life. Everything must revolve around his job and his job only. He capped off the sentiments by saying he expects Tony to be a “Peyton Manning-type on the job.”

And that was the point where I turned my head towards the television and laughed as if ‘Talladega Nights’ was playing on repeat on my television.

You see, here’s the thing: What he said was all fine and dandy — if he had chosen a signal-caller over the weekend that was expected to eventually become the Dallas franchise quarterback down the road. Romo is not that guy.

Romo is the guy that Jones publicly recognized as the franchise quarterback when he chose to bloat his bank account inexplicably.

So, was it really necessary for Jones to call out Romo to be like one of his peers? And yes, while they may not be equals as it compares to on-the-field play, Romo and Manning are somewhat in the same class. Manning will go down as one of the greatest — if not the greatest — quarterbacks in the history of the game, and Romo is the leader of ‘America’s Team.’

Maybe it’s just me, but Jones’ comments came across as just a tad patronizing. It’s almost like a parent asking their adult child to be like their friend’s more successful child.

Jones should recall the old saying of “you can’t get a zebra to change its stripes.” Tony Romo is Tony Romo. He takes exotic vacations during bye-weeks, he makes completely horrible decisions throwing the football and he is ridiculously obsessed with his golf game.

All of these traits, and a few others, convinced Jones that he was comfortable with making Romo a very rich man. It’s too late now to ask him to be something that he’s not, Jerry. You made your bed, now you have to lay in it.

Oh, and if you could — please stop talking.


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