There's No Excuse For Michael Vick Not to Perform Well For Philadelphia Eagles This Season

By Dan Parzych
(Jim O’Conner/USA Today Sports)

Last season, one of the main reasons for the Philadelphia Eagles struggling so much was because of an offensive line that was filled with injuries–which also played a key factor in Michael Vick being injured so much. When combining a healthy offensive line along with the recent drafting of Lane Johnson, expectations are high for the Eagles’ offensive line heading into the 2013 season and as long as there are no injuries–there’s no reason why Vick should struggle.

Vick has received plenty of criticism over the last couple of years for his inability to stay healthy and while part of the blame deserves to go to the offensive line, it’s no secret that part of the reason why the quarterback has struggled to stay healthy is because he’s a fragile running quarterback. If it wasn’t for Vick being on the move so much with his legs, the argument can be made that he wouldn’t have been injured as much during the 2012 season.

While there’s a good chance Vick will be using his legs quite a bit once again this upcoming season in Chip Kelly‘s offense, there’s no reason why he should struggle to stay stay in the lineup with a healthier offensive line. As much as he doesn’t want to hear it, this may be Vick’s last opportunity to prove himself as a starting quarterback in the NFL, so if he struggles once again–it may be difficult for him to find a job down the road.

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