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Five Reasons Why Tim Tebow Makes Sense for the San Diego Chargers

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The San Diego Chargers and Tim Tebow: 5 Reasons Why it's a Good Fit

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Tim Tebow, the most polarizing figure in modern sports history, was handed his walking papers Monday morning by the New York Jets and cleared waivers Tuesday. Once again, Tebow finds himself the central figure of most NFL media coverage. Is there another NFL destination in Tebow’s future or are his professional days behind him?

For the Tebow Experiment to again succeed in the NFL, there are issues that need addressed and key components must be in place. Tebow must understand that for now his days as a starting NFL QB are behind him, he must find a geographic location as far away from the New York market as possible and whatever team gambles on him must use creative “outside the box” game planning to capitalize on Tebow’s talents as a football player.

With this in mind, the optimal landing spot for the Tebow Show just may be the San Diego Chargers. He’d be hard pressed to find a team further from New York, there is familiarity with coach Mike McCoy, and Tebow has talents that could help improve the Chargers.

McCoy has demonstrated the ability to think outside the box to get Tebow involved in the offense with the read option and the understanding that running Tebow straight in to the offensive line over and over and over again like the Jets did just won’t work.

Tebow is a winner, a hard worker, a role model and an all around “good guy". The intangibles are evident, and the success he had with the Denver Broncos should show NFL teams the upside of his leadership. This just comes down to a team taking the risk for that reward.

Here are the five reasons Tebow could thrive in San Diego.

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San Diego is Far From the East Coast Media

New York Jets
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San Diego is as far from the east coast media as Tebow can get.

The hoopla that was Mike Tannenbaum and Rex Ryan's Tebow Experiment in New York was quickly replaced by media critics. Although Tebow doesn't publicly show that the media scrutiny has had an impact on him, the stress of the situation is not healthy. San Diego offers that geographic gap, plus the San Diego media is far more forgiving than New York.

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Tebow Could Help a Struggling Ground Game

Ryan Matthews
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San Diego could use a boost in the ground game.

When your leading rusher gains just over 700 yards and scores a single touchdown on the season, success in the NFL will be minimal. Since the exit of LaDainian Tomlinson, the Chargers have been nothing short of anemic in their ground game. When McCoy and Tebow worked together in Denver, the Broncos had the most prolific rushing attack in the NFL.

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Manti Te'o Has Already Brought the Media Circus to San Diego

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Manti Te’o is in San Diego.

Whatever media frenzy generated by Tebow joining the Chargers would be partially offset by Te’o. Most NFL teams are steering clear of Tebow because of the media circus that accompanies him. Drafting Te'o already has the media spotlight on San Diego so what's one more attraction, or should we say distraction?

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Mike McCoy and Tim Tebow Would be Reunited

Tebow McCoy
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Tebow reunites with McCoy.

McCoy was the offensive coordinator for the Broncos where Tebow was able to find some success winning the AFC West and a Wildcard Playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. McCoy has an understanding of Tebow's skill set and has shown an ability to effectively use them.

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An Opportunity to Face the 'Johns' Twice a Year

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Tebow faces John Elway and John Fox twice a year.

Let’s be honest, Tebow was a PR nightmare for Elway and Fox in Denver. Seconds after acquiring Peyton Manning, the next step was showing Tebow (a perennial fan favorite) the door. Tebow would never acknowledge it, but there has to be hard feelings after being thrown out merely months after winning the division and a playoff game for the Broncos.

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