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Tim Tebow Being Courted by Omaha Beef

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Tim Tebow New York Jets

Don McPeak- USA TODAY Sports

How much publicity can associating with Tim Tebow bring you? Well, the Omaha Beef—a semi- professional indoor league team– are vaulting out of the realms of obscurity due to their interest in the aforementioned quarterback, according to CBS.

Once again, Tebow has proven that he has the ability to get publicity to anyone who manages to attach their name to his in media headlines.

Tebow, whose glory days with the Denver Broncos were uprooted by the domino-effect catalyzed by Andrew Luck’s rise to NFL prominence, was released earlier this week by the New York Jets.

Tebow has been tabooed as an attractor of unwanted media attention and is unlikely be on an NFL roster in 2013. The majority of his brief time in New York was spent on the back pages of the Big Apple tabloids.

If he is to remain in the NFL, then he will have to forgo his quarterback ambitions and assume the role of the tight end.

In digression, Tebow is unlikely to consider Omaha given his other potential option in the CFL—the professional football league in Canada. Still a talented athlete, Tebow can find more lucrative success in football—ventures that pay more than a meager $75 per game.

Needless to say, times have been better for Tebow. But, it is doubtful that he has sunk to such lowly depths as to sign with a team—Omaha—that was previously widely unknown.

Expect Tebow to be in the CFL or wearing an 80s jersey number in 2013.


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