10 NFL Teams that Could Fit Tim Tebow

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Where Could Be the Next Stop?

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The talk of the NFL this week has been on the release of Tim Tebow. There have been media members who have gushed over Tebow for his entire career. I guess those people also didn’t see how bad he was for the New York Jets this past season even if it was a bad situation. It’s time for Tebow to move on to a different team and I would love to see what would happen if he got another chance with a different organization.

I have put together ten teams that I think should think about the idea of signing Tebow. There are some definite curveballs in here involving teams with established quarterbacks right now. Those teams would be perfect for Tebow to just sit back and learn something. I have also thrown in some teams that Tebow could find himself starting for by the end of the 2013 season. It's not terribly likely, but anything is possible in today’s game.

Tebow would likely be best-served in by just going up to Canada to play or just change positions, but for the sake of this slideshow, I’m keeping him as a quarterback. Everyone knows he has issues with the position, but who knows what he could do with the right teachings? This is going to be a story all the way up to the beginning of next season and something that won’t go away, so why not take a look here? Here are my ten teams that should explore the thought of bringing Tebow on board.

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10. New England Patriots

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You want a team where Tebow could sit and learn something? This is the one. Tebow isn’t Tom Brady’s replacement by any means, but it would be a shot at their rival if Bill Belichick could turn Tebow into a great player.

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9. Dallas Cowboys

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Can anyone trust Tony Romo? I know I don’t. Tebow wouldn’t steal the job away from Romo, but it could be enough to make him a better quarterback. A position change wouldn’t hurt here either on Tebow’s end.

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8. Chicago Bears

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This would be the wild card team to me. Jay Cutler may not be there after this coming season and the team didn’t draft any quarterbacks. Would it be worth taking a look at Tebow? I don’t see why not.

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7. Kansas City Chiefs

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I would think that Alex Smith has this job bolted down, but there is no true backup here in my opinion. Tebow isn’t very good, but he could hand the ball off to Jamaal Charles enough to get the job done.

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6. Cleveland Browns

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Anyone who tries to tell me that Brandon Weeden is the right quarterback here wasn’t watching closely enough last season. This is going to be a team based on what Trent Richardson does and Tebow could make enough happen where Richardson runs wild.

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5. Tennessee Titans

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Jake Locker looks like the starter here, but bringing in Tebow could give the offense a new look. It would also take some pressure off of Chris Johnson in the backfield and could even lead to more holes for him.

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4. Jacksonville Jaguars

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Blaine Gabbert isn’t the answer, and the hometown fans have wanted Tebow for a long time. It would definitely sell some seats and avoid having games not being sold out. It is so easy to see that it won’t happen probably.

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3. Buffalo Bills

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I know the team just drafted E.J. Manuel and also got Kevin Kolb. I would think this move works because of the fact that throwing in the winter in Buffalo is hard anyway, and we all know Tebow can’t do that effectively.

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2. Arizona Cardinals

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There are not very many good choices outside of Carson Palmer on the roster. A move like this would likely hurt Larry Fitzgerald more than anyone else, but there wouldn’t be a ton of pressure with a team that was last in rushing during the 2012 season.

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1. Oakland Raiders

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It is a mess at quarterback here even with the addition of Matt Flynn and the drafting of Tyler Wilson. This would be the one place where Tebow could go and could run an offense that was run-oriented with Darren McFadden behind him at running back.