Miami Dolphins Claim They're Not Interested in Tim Tebow

By Dan Parzych
(Rob Foldy/USA Today Sports)

After his release from the New York Jets earlier in the week, nobody knows what the future has in store for Tim Tebow as it seems highly unlikely any team is going to want to bring the quarterback on board for the 2013 season. Not only does Tebow bring a media circus everywhere he goes, but his passing skills as a quarterback are absolutely embarrassing for any player.

It could still be a few months before a team shows any real interest in Tebow, but there is one team that can be taken off the list as potential suitors–the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins made it clear on Thursday that Tebow is not on their plans for the 2013 season and this really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering the last thing they want is any other distractions on offense. Even if they managed to sign him at a low price, the one thing to take away from last season is Tebow just simply doesn’t seem like a good fit for the NFL as a starter and his best option of making it would be to give a different position a shot.

Miami is playing it smart by focusing their attention on developing Ryan Tannehill next season instead of taking a risk on Tebow as they look to compete with the New England Patriots for the AFC East title next season. It would have been fun to see what would have happened, but this was certainly the right move on the Dolphins’ end for next season.

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