New England Patriots: Stevan Ridley Finally Feeling Better After Concussion

By Andrew Fisher
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

After a very productive 2012 season, the thing people will remember the most about Stevan Ridley, was the massive hit he suffered in the AFC championship game. Ridley was lowering his head on a crucial fourth quarter run, when he collided with safety Bernard Pollard. What followed, was one the most disgusting hits I’ve even witnessed.

Ridley was out. O-U-T. Never before had I seen a player just crumple to the ground like that. However, there was nothing dirty about the play. It was merely the bad side of football, which just happens sometimes.

Ridley knows that, and he recently commented on the injury, and subsequent recovery:

“It wasn’t pretty at all. It was one of the worst ones that I took in my life. Besides that, it comes with the game. It’s going to happen sometimes, but you got to roll with it. Adjust it, make sure you’re squared away with your doctor, squared away with your team. I’ll be out here this year ready to go.”

It sounds like he took some serious time off after that game, but eventually, the post-concussion symptoms resided. He’s certainly lucky, because it’s a hit that could have ended his career. Although the hit and fumble that followed came at a horrible time for the New England Patriots, it happened at the best time for Ridley. Now, he won’t be tempted to rush back, and should no doubt he 100% by the time the season rolls around.

Concussions are scary things, and the entire country witnessed a very serious one last January. What’s really scary, though, is that it’s May, and this is the first we’ve heard that Ridley is feeling okay.


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