Should the New Orleans Saints Consider Tim Tebow?

By Dan Parzych
(Joe Nicholson/USA Today Sports)

Ever since his release from the New York Jets, there’s been plenty of talk surrounding where Tim Tebow could end up for the 2013 season–even if it is a different football league from the NFL. At this point, it’s difficult to say any team that would make a good fit for Tebow in the NFL, but there may be one team that would be good for him to sit as a backup and learn from one of the best–the New Orleans Saints.

Obviously, there’s no chance Tebow would ever be able to compete with a quarterback like Drew Brees, but he could certainly learn a ton from playing behind the future Hall of Famer and a move like this may be exactly what he needs. Brees has one of the strongest arms in the NFL and for a player that has struggled with his football mechanics–this could be the perfect situation for the former first-round pick.

The chances of Tebow earning a starting job in the NFL seem slim at this point, but this would be a low risk situation for the Saints that could hopefully turn into a high reward for New Orleans. Brees is the perfect mentor for just about any quarterback and even if they aren’t interested at the moment–this is certainly a move the Saints should at least consider.

Imagine a guy like Tebow living in a crazy place like New Orleans next season–oh how epic that would be.

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