Top 5 Steals Of The 2013 NFL Draft

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Top 5 Steals Of The 2013 NFL Draft

marcus lattimore
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Steal is a word people like to throw around a lot during the NFL Draft. It’s fun to try and figure out who is going to be that late round pick that changes a franchise. Some of those gems over the last couple of years have been Wes Welker, Ahmad Bradshaw and maybe the most famous diamond in the rough of all time, Tom Brady.

So how do teams figure out who is going to outplay their draft round? Is it going to be the physical specimen who never had the production his physique would suggest? Or is it the undersized player who throws caution to the wind when he plays and produces on the field no matter what the cost? Maybe it is the receiver who was overlooked because of his lack of speed. Or is it the running back who has been held back by injuries his whole career? This year’s NFL Draft was interesting because a lot of the skill players you would normally see off the board in the first round kept falling and falling into the later rounds. This left teams foaming at the mouth to get that potential steal all the way into fifth, sixth and seventh rounds. Some teams went with the best available pick in the later rounds while others saw the value players that they didn't necessarily need but had to have just because of what they thought they could become. That is the case with the following players. Here are the top 5 steals of the NFL Draft.

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5. Marquess Wilson


Marquess Wilson (Wide Receiver, Chicago Bears)- Wilson had a ton of off the field issues at Washington State, but nobody really knows if it was because of him or the alleged abuse he took from the coaches so let’s just forget about that. When Wilson was playing, he was a fierce receiver who totaled 2,394 yards and 18 touchdowns in two seasons before this past year. It’s worth noting though that Wilson had 813 yards and five touchdowns in his problem plagued 2012 season. For a seventh rounder, he has as much upside as any receiver taken in the draft.

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4. David Bass


David Bass (Linebacker, Oakland Raiders)- Bass comes out of a Division II school, but he brings with him Division I talent. He resembles James Harrison on the field with his aggressive style of play and great pass rushing ability. Bass also ran a faster shuttle than both Barkevious Mingo and Dion Jordan in the combine. He will probably end up being the defender in this draft that teams kick themselves for not drafting when they see what he’ll bring to the Raiders next season.

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3. Khaseem Greene

khaseem greene
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Khaseem Greene(Linebacker, Chicago Bears)- 133 tackles, six sacks and six forced fumbles. Does that sound like a fourth round pick to you? I didn’t think so. Greene is looking like the successor to the great Brian Urlacher as his leadership and relentless style of play may just have him sitting in the role of middle linebacker when the Bears kick off this season.

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2. Ryan Swope

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Ryan Swope (Wide Receiver, Arizona Cardinals) – Swope is going to make a mark in the NFL, and it’s going to be as soon as he steps on the field in game one of the 2013 season. He has elite speed and good size for a receiver, and it’s an absolute wonder he wasn’t taken in the second or third round. If anyone watched Swope in college, they’d have seen him absolutely ruin defenses. Swope saved his best games for the big opponents, too. Just ask Alabama. Swope will be a perfect complement to Larry Fitzgerald in the receiving corps.

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1. Marcus Lattimore

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Marcus Lattimore (Running Back, San Francisco 49ers)- Fourth round? Really? This is kind of hard to comprehend since I believe Lattimore is going to be the next Adrian Peterson. Frank Gore isn’t getting any younger, and Lattimore must be dying to get a shot to run behind the 49ers' amazing offensive line. His fall to the fourth round is even crazier because Lattimore might’ve been this past year’s Heisman winner if he didn’t suffer a brutal knee injury. He was really playing that well on a team where offense was a struggle to come by. His awesome field vision mixed with explosiveness is top grade material for this soon to be star of the NFL.