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5 Reasons Tim Tebow Is A Fit For New England Patriots

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Tim Tebow As A New England Patriot: 5 Reasons Why It Makes Sense

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As we all know by now, Tim Tebow was handed his walking papers on Monday by the New York Jets, after just one season with the team. Due to his inability to grow as a quarterback and the media circus that is "Tebowmania", many people are wondering if the former Heisman Trophy winner will ever play in the NFL again. I am here to tell you why the New England Patriots are the best fit.

If Tebow does wish to remain in the NFL, he needs to come to the realization that he is currently not a starting quarterback in this league. He is at best a back-up and could potentially need to change positions. Many NFL teams have shown an interest in Tebow as a tight end, but he has had no interest in making a position change to this point.

When it comes down to it, Tebow needs to be willing to change or a one-way trip to the CFL could be in his future. If Tebow does decide that a position change is best for him, I think that Bill Belichick and the Patriots are the best fit for him.

Tebow is a very hard worker, a great teammate and just an overall "good guy", these are all qualities that Belichick loves in his players. The Patriots have a staff that historically believes in Tebow and loves a versatile player. I think that this team and player is a match made in heaven and in reality, neither party has much to lose.

Here are five reasons why I believe Tebow would be a great fit in New England.

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Josh McDaniels

Josh McDaniels
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Out of all of the coaches and front office personnel in the NFL, Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels may be the biggest believer that there is in Tebow. McDaniels was the head coach for the Denver Broncos when they traded up and drafted Tebow in the first round. It is believed that McDaniels was the driving force behind that move.

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Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick
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McDaniels is not the only coach on the staff for the Patriots who is a big fan of Tebow. Coach Belichick has long been known as a Tebow supporter, even inviting him to Gillette Stadium before the draft. Many people had connected the Patriots with Tebow before that draft and had expected them to take him. Belichick likes to be the "smartest guy in the room" and might think that he can fix Tebow when nobody else could.

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Tom Brady

Tom Brady
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If Tebow does decided to stick at the quarterback position, who would be a better mentor for him than Tom Brady? With Brady, Belichick and McDaniels working with him., I wonder if he could actually become a solid quarterback in the NFL. Hard to say, but if these guys cannot do it, I do not think anybody can.

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The Patriots Way

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The Patriots have a way of doing things that is different than the rest of the league. They simply do not accept distractions to their team. While it is not Tebow's fault that media outlets follow his every move, Belichick simply will not allow it. This would not be anything like the debacle in New York last season.

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The Patriots love versatility from their players and if Tebow agrees to a position change, I could see Belichick using him all over the field. Whether it's as a wildcat quarterback, in the backfield with Brady and lined up as a tight end, the possibilities are endless and we all know Belichick loves a player like that.