NFL Fans Want Washington Redskins To Keep Team Name

By Devin O'Barr
Washington Redskins in the seats
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Stripping Washington D.C. of their famous “Redskins” nickname is like taking the Cowboys out of Dallas and replacing them with as the Dallas Sheriffs. Sure, the change might satisfy the radical groups who love to rain on parades, but dropping Redskins should not be in the plans of one of the most popular NFL teams.

Americans used the polls to vent their opinions and the results were not pretty if you are a fan of pulling the plug on the Redskins name. An AP poll recently revealed that 80% of those asked wanted to see the name stay.

Unlike other sports, NFL teams are constantly mixing up their rosters and franchise players are not as prevalent as they used to be. With the “Not For Long” tag being thrown around, it’s important for the league to maintain some sort of tradition. Swapping “Red Hawks” for a nickname with the magnitude of Redskins would only hinder the popularity of the NFL and reduce the knowledge of Native American culture in general.

When looking at any of the many Native American related sports teams the initial thought about the majestic culture is positive, so why is there an incredible amount of animosity toward the successful organization?

Rookie sensations like Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris need not to be worried about petty things like name changes. Besides, who in their right mind would change the team name to Red Hawks? That sounds like a minor league baseball team for crying out loud! The nation’s capital must stay strong and keep Redskins attached to the illustrious Washington franchise.

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