Nothing is Guaranteed For Brandon Weeden When It Comes to Starting Job With Cleveland Browns

By Dan Parzych
(David Richard/USA Today Sports)

It was quite the surprise when the Cleveland Browns decided to pass on a quarterback for the 2013 NFL Draft–leaving many to believe the team was confident enough in Brandon Weeden. However, it appears his job may not be as safe after all in the eyes of head coach Rob Chudzinski.

Weeden showed plenty of potential as a rookie during the 2012 season and while the argument can be made that he didn’t have the best talent on offense, that excuse won’t matter if he struggles again this year. Cleveland took a huge risk when they invested a first-round pick on Weeden last year considering he was older than most rookies and if his struggles continue–it wouldn’t be a surprise if Chudzinski considered using Jason Campbell instead.

Campbell may not have played as much over the last couple of seasons compared to other starters in the league, but he’s certainly more experienced than Weeden–which could give him an extra advantage. The Browns have made plenty of changes this offseason to try and compete in the AFC North, but the quarterback position is still an area with plenty of questions heading into the regular season.

Weeden certainly deserves and opportunity when it comes to the starting job and at this point it’s his to lose, but that doesn’t mean he’s guaranteed to hold on to it. Crazier things have happened in the NFL when it comes to starting quarterbacks losing their job–so it will be interesting to see if Weeden lives up to the pressure over the next couple of months.

If not–don’t be surprised if Campbell finds himself with an opportunity to prove to the Browns what he’s capable of at quarterback.

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