Cincinnati Bengals To Visit Atlanta Falcons For Offseason Practice

By Simon Greene
Bengals V Falcons
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

In what looks like a great decision for both teams, the Altanta Falcons will be hosting the Cincinnati Bengals ahead of the two team’s preseason opener in Atlanta. Although not all teams partake in this tradition, it’s now common practice for teams to have a joint practice before their opening game of the preseason to show good relations between the two teams.

On that note, Aug. 5 and 6, a few days before their game (Aug. 8), the Bengals will travel to the Falcons practice facility for some combined practices and for what could ideally bring forward some competition that will translate to an exciting preseason opener. As a rule, the preseason tends to be pretty boring, allowing for rookies to try out their NFL legs, for teams to try out players in different positions, try out different play styles and allow players that would not normally see a lot of field time, see a lot of field time. To that end, the games are normally like watching a high school football game between two teams of which you have no vested interest, but with a lot less scoring.

Coming off a long annual hiatus, players tend to be a bit rusty and only shaking off the toughness of the training camp days before players look at the preseason as a chance to stretch their sea legs, but never work too hard because it doesn’t mean a lot and they don’t want to risk an injury. Generating a bit of competition between the two teams before the game begins could be a great way to get them out of that funk.


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