Michael Vick Bucks 'Old Man' Talk, Earns Respect by Burning Youngster LeSean McCoy in Race

By Joe Doris
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

It is one thing to under-rate, or straight-up hate on, Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick for his tendency to cough up the football, but is is just flat-out silly to ever doubt the man’s athletic ability.

There has been no legitimate NFL quarterback who has even held a candle to Vick’s speed ever since he entered the league way back in 2001, with possible exceptions being Washington Redskins’ new-found hero Robert Griffin III and current free-agent, one-time-Eagle, QB Vince Young.

Well, earlier this week, Vick decided to prove to all of his doubters that he can still leg-it-out with the best of them as he reportedly torched Eagles young stud RB LeSean McCoy in a 40-yard dash.

According to multiple first-hand witnesses, McCoy was no match at all to Vick, 32, as he absolutely burned the 24-year-old tailback in the head-to-head race.

Apparently, Vick was getting sick and tired of being called an old man during Eagles’ workouts and decided to silence the haters the best way possible. Leave them speechless. Everybody seems to close their mouths when you leave a man, who is an entire decade younger than you, inhaling dust as you blaze on past them.

But even though new Eagles head coach Chip Kelly has given Vick a vote of confidence regarding the starting gig, the job is far from secure. Vick will certainly feel Eagles backup QBs Nick Foles, drafted last year, and Matt Barkley, selected in this year’s 2013 NFL Draft, breathing down his neck all season long.

While I surely doubt that Vick has anymore than four or five seasons left in his NFL career, I have every reason to believe that he will remain a flat-out burner for the remainder of his days.


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