New York Giants Should Add Karlos Dansby To Their Defense

By jason evans
Karlos Dansby
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Back when he was initially a free agent, the New York Giants had some interest in Karlos Dansby. He decided to sign with the Miami Dolphins instead. The Dolphins underwent a major makeover this off-season, and one of the casualties of that, was Dansby. Now he’s out there, and the Giants would be wise to try and bring him aboard.

He’s younger than other free agent linebackers out there like Brian Urlacher and Bart Scott. Dansby had a career high in tackles for the Dolphins last season as well. The Giants are clearly weak at the linebacker position, and didn’t add anyone in the draft to help at the position. The Giants brought in Dan Connor to compete with Mark Herzlich, but you can certainly make the argument that Dansby would be better in the middle than both of them.

The Giants don’t have that much cap room, only about $4 million, and haven’t signed any rookies, or that Victor Cruz fellow yet either. They haven’t been afraid all off-season to restructure contracts, and giving Eli Manning a nice extension could help free up some space.

The Giants philosophy has been to not care as much about the linebacker position as other teams do. The thing is though that they could be very susceptible to crossing routes against certain teams. When you have a guy like Robert Griffin III in your division too, it would help to have a linebacker who can help prevent him from running around if the defensive line can’t contain.

The Giants still need help at the linebacker position. Now it’s just a matter of whether or not they can make an additional upgrade, or if they decide to stand pat. If they want to bring in another guy, Dansby should be who they go after.

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