San Diego Chargers Rumors: Is Tim Tebow on Radar?

By Kenny Gardner
Tim Tebow San Diego Chargers
Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

According to Raymond Anderson of, The San Diego Chargers could be interested in Tim Tebow. “With rumors suggesting the Miami Dolphins or the New England Patriots as likely spots, the San Diego Chargers have emerged as a sleeper team to acquire his talents.”

Tebow was released by the New York Jets this week and has a history with Chargers head coach Mike McCoy, who was his offensive coordinator with the Denver Broncos when Tebow had a 7-4 record in 2011. Tebow also won a playoff game that season, but he is not a good fit with the Lightning Bolts.

Tebow had a winning record to go along with 12 touchdowns and six interceptions in 2011, but his QB rating ranked 28th in the NFL. Tebow was not good enough to start over Mark Sanchez last season and Sanchez had 13 touchdowns and 18 interceptions to go along with the second worst QB rating in the league.

Philip Rivers ranked ninth in touchdown passes and 11th in QB rating, but San Diego ranked 22nd in receiving yards and 30th in yards per reception. Tebow ranked 28th in yards per pass attempt in 2011 which was his last season as a starter, so this is another reason why he would be a bad fit if Rivers suffers an injury.

When McCoy designed an offense to fit Tebow, Denver had Willis McGahee, who ranked eighth in rushing yards, so McGahee and Tebow were a dual threat on the ground. Ryan Mathews averaged career lows in yards per rushing attempt and rushing touchdowns in 2012, which would be a bad combination with Tebow.

San Diego needs an upgrade at the backup QB position because Charlie Whitehurst is Rivers’ number one backup and he has a 1-3 record in his career to go along with three touchdowns and four interceptions. While San Diego’s front office needs to address the backup QB position, Tebow is not the answer.

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