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5 Teams That Could Use Tim Tebow’s Media Circus

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5 Teams That Could Use Tim Tebow’s Media Circus

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When the New York Jets signed Tim Tebow, everyone assumed that Rex Ryan wanted him for media attention, not as a starter. It made NFL fans wonder if he had only signed Tebow as a ploy to get the media pressure away from how badly the Jets have played recently with him as head coach. When Mark Sanchez was benched and Ryan started playing Greg McElroy over Tebow, everyone knew that’s what he went to New York to do. Tebow is a media magnet, and whichever team signs him as a free agent will get all the fans and attention that comes with a well-known player.

Tebow is a nationally-known athlete. He won the national championship with Urban Meyer and the Florida Gators in 2006 and 2008 and the Heisman trophy in 2007. There are very few athletes in the history of college football with a resume of that quality. Anyone who has been a fan of college football knows Tebow and has seen what he is capable of doing in big game situations. Wherever he ends up, there will be a significant boost in ticket and jersey sales from people who don’t even like the NFL and are just fans of college football.

People either love Tebow or hate him; there aren’t many people who are indifferent. He can change a team’s image as soon as he arrives; he doesn’t even have to play to make an impact. The Jets couldn’t handle the media attention that came with Tebow, but here’s a list of five teams that could use Tebow’s media circus:

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No. 5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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The Buccaneers have to compete with the Miami Dolphins and the Jacksonville Jaguars for fans in Florida. Tebow would bring in fans from all across the state.

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No. 4 Cleveland Browns

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The Browns are one of those teams that need some positive media. They haven’t made the playoffs in ten years

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No. 3 San Diego Chargers

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San Diego hasn’t been playing their best football in recent years, and Phillip Rivers could use someone like Tebow to come in and take the media pressure away from himself.

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No. 2 Oakland Raiders

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The Raiders rarely find themselves in the media for something good; positive media attention brought with Tebow could change the “bad guy” mentality many associate with Oakland. Maybe.

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No. 1 Jacksonville Jaguars

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Speculation keeps cropping up about Jacksonville moving to a new city; the media attention that Tebow brings could save the Jaguars from ending up in LA.