Could Terrell Suggs Be Cut After This Season?

By Wola Odeniran

The Baltimore Ravens have made multiple changes to their roster as we all know. We saw Ray Lewis retire, Ed Reed leave for another team and Anquan Boldin get traded. Even though Boldin was not on the team for a long period of time, he is one of the main faces in terms of leadership that the Ravens have had since 2010. So with all of that being said, is outside linebacker Terrell Suggs next?

When looking at the draft and the Ravens going after outside linebacker John Simon in the fourth round, it looks like a situation where the Ravens could be gearing themselves for even more changes in the future. The Ravens already also signed outside linebacker Elvis Dumervil who is expected to provide more pressure on the quarterback this season opposite Suggs. So when you look at the situation, things appear subtle, but it could be an answer to life after Suggs.

Now all of this is barring how Simon comes along. If he breaks out it could get tenuous for Suggs, but if Simon is still on a learning curve, the Ravens would be walking a fine line to replace Suggs for the following season. Another player in this equation, Courtney Upshaw, is not expected to take over Suggs’ role if he were to leave, but his sturdiness in the run game would lessen the blow a bit if Suggs is cut.

Suggs is expected to count for $12.4 million against the cap in 2014. Joe Flacco already got his new deal and according to the same report, Flacco will be $14.6 million against the cap. Now all of this depends on how the league salary cap kicks in with any any room for teams to operate.

The Ravens look prepared, but it’s another thing to be prepared and have the results on the field negate the loss of a player like Suggs. We will see how it goes.

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