Keith Sims and I Talk About His Career, and the 2013 Miami Dolphins (Audio Included)

By Craig Ballard
Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

I recently had the pleasure of conducting an interview with former Miami Dolphins left guard, Keith Sims. At the bottom of this article is the link to the full interview (audio), and it is a great listen for Dolfans as we talk about things like Don Shula, Richie Incognito, Jonathan Martin, Mike Pouncey, and the Pro Bowl (Sims was a three-time Pro Bowler).

We also talk about the Clock Play which is one of the most famous plays in NFL history and surely a highlight for ‘Phins phans everywhere. You will hear Sims describe that game winning play which beat the New York Jets and talk about that game with Shula and Dan Marino references.

I was very interested to get Sims’ thoughts on the Pro Bowl, and you will hear him describe his experience and reverence for the days gone by as he is in the increasing majority that thinks the Pro Bowl game has lost luster and significance.

The Dolphins were 55-40 with Sims as a starter which is a 9-to-10 win team (last time Miami won that many games was 2008). We will hear what Sims says the team has to accomplish first and foremost to put together a season that would regain their relevance with their frustrated fan-base and regain their relevance in the NFL.

Sims works the sidelines of Dolphins games, and he has a great beat on this team. This interview is a mix of his playing days plus the 2013+ Dolphins (especially the o-line). Thank you for reading my work, and I hope you enjoy the interview with Sims as much as we enjoyed taping it (we had a blast and are already looking forward to the next time we can chat about Dolphins football).

The audio interview link below is from the show I co-host with fellow Rant Sports writer Ben Grimaldi – Ranting With Ben and Craig (@RantingBenCraig).

My interview with Keith Sims (enjoy! ‘Phins Up)

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