Oakland Raiders Must Find More Ways to Use Marcel Reece

By Jorge Contreras
Marcel Reece cover
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New offensive coordinator Greg Olson needs to find a way to get the ball into Marcel Reece’s hands this season for the Oakland Raiders. Although Reece made the Pro Bowl last year he has barely reached the height of his full potential.

Reece has the talent to become the Raiders’ spot running back to Darren McFadden as well as another receiving threat out of the backfield. Last season Reece had over 100 yards rushing against the New Orleans Saints which proves he can handle spot duty for the Raiders. With unproven running backs Rashad Jennings, Latavius Murray and Jeremy Stewart backing up McFadden, it falls to Reece to help replace the carries that Michael Bush had a few seasons ago.

Marcel Reece Reception
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With the loss of tight end Brandon Myers in free agency, the Raiders do not have a proven tight end for new quarterback Matt Flynn. Reece can play the role of security blanket for Flynn by catching passes that are usually meant for tight ends. As a former Washington Husky wide receiver, Reece has proven that he has great hands so far in his young career with the silver-and-black.

With Flynn at the helm of the Raiders’ offense, expect more of a west coast offense that caters to his style of play. Offensive coordinator Greg Olson should have Reece line up at multiple positions for the Raiders this year. Not only should Reece line up as a fullback, but he should play slot receiver and tight end.

With Reece’s speed it would be hard for any linebacker to keep up with him on short routes. His size also allows him to break arm tackles of opposing cornerbacks. If all goes to plan Reece would be Flynn’s check-down receiver and probable number one target in the beginning of season.

There is not another fullback in the NFL with the talent and versatility of Marcel Reece. It is not out of the realm of possibility that he can have 1,000 total yards of offense next year.

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