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Top 5 Sleeper Quarterbacks With Franchise Potential from 2013 NFL Draft

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2013 NFL Draft: Top 5 Sleeper Quarterbacks With Franchise Potential


The 2013 NFL Draft is over and it’s time to figure out where all the pieces taken will now fit. This year was a strange one for the draft as not too many high profile quarterbacks were involved in it. There were big names for sure, but those big names weren't taken in the high rounds like they normally have been.

Because of this, quarterbacks that were stars in college now become labeled with the name “sleeper pick”. Some players enjoy this title as it gives them the chip on their shoulder needed to push themselves to succeed at the next level. Matt Barkley clearly likes it as he vowed to make every team that passed on him pay for doing so. Others like Geno Smith,decided to whine about it and fire their agents for not getting them picked high enough.

A lot of quarterbacks taken aren't even meant to be the starters for their respective teams heading into next season. This will be somewhat of a rarity for the NFL as there might not even be one starting rookie at the beginning of the upcoming season. But this isn't to say the quarterbacks taken will not have an impact on their respective franchises later in the year or perhaps somewhere down the road. A lot of these players have been chosen to learn behind some of the better starting quarterbacks in the league while others will be fighting tooth and nail to prove themselves to be the best option for the team moving forward.

Here are the 5 sleeper quarterbacks in the draft.

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5. Tyler Wilson (Oakland Raiders)


Wilson finds himself with the Oakland Raiders during a dark time in their storied franchise. The Carson Palmer experiment was a failure (to no one's surprise) and the Raiders have not seen a good quarterback since Rich Gannon took them to a Super Bowl. Wilson has a chance to start this year as his only competition is project Terrell Pryor and pay him millions for no reason career backup (even in college) Matt Flynn. Wilson has great accuracy and coverage recognition and although his arm strength needs some work. He is the future for the Raiders.

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4. Mike Glennon (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)


Glennon has all the makings of a franchise quarterback. He's got the big arm and can make any throw on the field as he has been playing in a pro style offense his entire college career. His accuracy is a problem, but offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan can surely help him out with that. Glennon might find himself in a quarterback battle with Josh Freeman in camp this year as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers need to do something to make themselves relevant again.

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3. Zac Dysert (Denver Broncos)

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Dysert is an interesting prospect for the Denver Broncos. He has all the tools needed to play at the NFL level and got better every year of his career at Miami Ohio. Scouts love his skill set and the fact he broke all of Ben Roethlisberger's records when he was there. The Broncos know Peyton Manning won't be playing for much longer, and they need to find someone to take over once he retires. Dysert seems to have everything that they need in their quarterback if the future.

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2. Matt Barkley (Philadelphia Eagles)


The Philidelphia Eagles are a mess right now. Yes, new coach Chip Kelly brings a lot of excitement with him, but he also brings a college system into the pros and who knows if that will work or not. For this reason, Matt Barkley becomes a glimmer of hope to Eagles fans. If Michael Vick can't hold onto the ball again this year and Nick Foles continues to be Nick Foles, Barkley is going to have a chance to take the controls of this speedy offense. Barkley is easily the most talented of the three quarterbacks and one sub-par season isn't going to change that. He is a smart player who can make all of the throws and is especially impressive on his long touch passes. He has the grit and determination needed from a franchise quarterback, and he also has the leadership abilities that Nick Foles and Michael Vick are clearly devoid of.

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1. E.J. Manuel (Buffalo Bills)


E.J. Manuel gets the number one spot not because he's the best of these players, but because he is likely going to start this year. The Buffalo Bills have nothing at quarterback right now and if Manuel can put together anything resembling a half decent training camp, he will surely beat out the abomination known as Kevin Kolb. Manuel plays a lot like Cam Newton did. He's got a big arm and can run away from anyone, but his accuracy is abysmal and his understanding of defenses is less than elite at the moment. You have to believe the Bills think he is going to be for them what Newton is for the Panthers, but it's a leap of faith at best and a tremendous bust at worst. He will be a work in progress for sure, but the Bills used a first round pick on him and that means they are handing him the keys to the franchise whether the fans like it or not.