5 Reasons Why Tim Tebow Doesn’t Deserve Another NFL Gig

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5 Reasons Tim Tebow Is Done in NFL

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If there's anything Tim Tebow is good at, it's attracting media attention and winning over the hearts of underdog-lovers. It's just terrible that the guy has a likeable personality and is very well-spoken.

The New York Jets were the latest team to take their chances with the mediocre quarterback and the media circus that comes with him. Playing in New York didn't hamper the media attention to Tebow, however, it strengthened it.

It's unfortunate that a good guy like Tebow has to suffer through something like that, especially since he is no different than many other NFL players. Just because he was a college stud, winning the Heisman Trophy and two national titles, doesn't mean that the guy should be monitored like he is. However, it's just the nature of the business as is his release from the Jets-- he just isn't good enough to be an NFL quarterback.

The 2012 season couldn't have gone any worse for the former Florida Gator as he played very sparingly and Rex Ryan never really gave him a shot at starting.

The third-year player had just 39 passing yards and 102 rushing yards one year removed from his improbable winning of the Denver Broncos' starting job, winning the AFC West and a playoff win over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Sure, Tebow has a history of winning, but the guy has a career completion percentage of 48 and his quarterback rating in a season has never exceeded 85.

You have to feel for this guy, but he's just not cut out to be a quarterback in the NFL. Here are five reason's why he doesn't deserve another shot.

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Tebow Wouldn't Challenge For a Starting QB Job Anywhere

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There are few teams that would take a chance on the former Gator, but the teams that would actually use him as a starting quarterback are non-existent. He is a poor quarterback with terrible accuracy. This leaving teams gawking at him because of his athleticism, but a quarterback he is not. You know it's bad when the Jacksonville Jaguars don't even want you.

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He Refuses to Change Positions

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He's been quoted multiple times saying that he only wants to play quarterback in the NFL. While it's obvious that he would make an adequate running back, fullback or tight end, the guy is dead set on making it as a signal-caller. Maybe it's his leadership quality that dominates his being, but that kind of attitude is not doing what's best, but doing what he knows makes him an NFL bust.

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Tebow's Media Circus is Too Much

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'Tim Tebow just took a drink of water.'

'Tebow was 30 seconds late for a team meeting.'

'Breaking: Tebow left the toilet seat up.'

These are just a sampling of things that the media would likely report on the God-loving quarterback. If New York couldn't even handle the distraction that he caused, who could? No one. That's who.

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Tebow Can't Throw

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Well, this is one of the more obvious reasons why his NFL days should be over. He is not a quarterback, but that's all he knows. His career 47.9 career completion percentage is laughable and his career QB rating of 75 is almost sad. Tebow ran for 660 yards in 2011; he has only thrown for over 660 yards in one out of his three seasons. Still think he deserves a shot at quarterback?

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He Couldn't Even Take Mark Sanchez's Job

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Mark Sanchez is one of the league's worst quarterbacks. Whether it's throwing interception after interception or being the star of the infamous 'butt fumble', Sanchez has been the laughing stock of the NFL for the past couple of seasons. While he could end up improving, he hasn't shown any signs of it. Oh yeah, and Tebow couldn't even take the starting job from this less-than-impressive quarterback. Instead, third-stringer Greg McElroy took over near the end of the season while Tebow watched in street clothes.