Cincinnati Bengals: Why Not Go With the Two Tight End System?

By Andrew Fisher
Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

I’ll admit, I was a bit shocked when I heard the Cincinnati Bengals‘ first round selection in this year’s NFL Draft. Tyler Eifert? But the Bengals already have Jermaine Gresham? Oh wait, it’s 2013.

Because I wasn’t thinking outside the box, I didn’t even consider Eifert going to the Bengals. In reality, it’s a very good pick. With it, the Bengals immediately become one of those pesky dual-threat tight end teams. The tight end 1-2 punch is becoming a staple in today’s NFL. In a year like 2013 where there weren’t many wide receivers going in the first round, why not take the best available tight end?

You really have to applaud what Cincinnati has done in just a few short years. Andy Dalton is surrounded by several young talents, with  A.J. Green, Gresham and now Eifert.

Fans need to be realistic about Eifert, though. He was the top-rated TE in this year’s class for a reason, but don’t expect him to immediately come in and be an Aaron Hernandez. He has that kind of potential, and then some, but rookies are still rookies.

Overall, another talented tight end just makes everyone in the Cincinnati passing game better. There’s no one that doesn’t benefit. TEs are matchup nightmares as it is, let alone with two of them, and a talent like Green running around out there. Opposing defenses are not going to be pumped heading into any matchups with the Bengals this season, that’s for sure.

With a very good defense already in place, the Bengals need their offense to that next step in 2013. It’s not too far of a stretch, to think they could win the AFC North, if the offense does indeed improve.


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