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Denver Broncos Add Talent to Front Office

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John Elway continued to overhaul the Denver Broncos‘ front office with the hiring of Tom Heckert as the Director of Pro Personnel. The hiring of Heckert is another indication of the first-class organization that Elway is running as the Broncos could have gone with a lesser known name and no one would have questioned it.

Heckert replaces Keith Kidd who was informed after the draft that his contract would not be renewed. Kidd was brought in by former Broncos head coach, Josh McDaniels. He did an admirable job, but in the end, he was not Elway’s choice.

Heckert has been a General Manager in the NFL for two different teams and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience. Heckert’s record with the Philadelphia Eagles and Cleveland Browns is not great, but to be fair, he never had the final say over personnel in either job. With the Eagles, it was head coach Andy Reid and with the Browns it was Mike Holmgren.

In a statement Elway said, “With more than 20 years’ experience in the NFL, Tom brings a tremendous amount of knowledge and insight to our personnel department, He has worked in several different capacities for multiple teams, and his diverse background in talent evaluation will be a strong resource for the Broncos.”

Heckert’s role with the Broncos will be to oversee the team’s advanced scouting for upcoming opponents and to scout current NFL players. In addition, Heckert will be another voice in a front office that has as much talent as the team on the field.

In addition to Elway who oversees all of the football operations, Director of Player Personnel Matt Russell is considered one of the brightest young minds in the game. Russell was approached by at least one other team this offseason to run the entire operation, but he turned down the opportunity citing that he was happy with the Broncos and has no desire to leave.

The Broncos on the field are one of the favorites heading into 2013 due in large part to the work of the front office. Yes, Elway has final say, but he also understands that the more talent you have, the more likely success will follow. Elway and Russell have proven their ability to bring in talent, both on the field and off.

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