Former Detroit Lions WR Titus Young Arrested Twice in 15 Hours

By Andrew Fisher
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

If Titus Young was striving for that next level of crazy, he’s made it. Young was recently arrested by Moreno Valley police in California, TWICE, in a span of 15 hours. This is one of those things that is so nuts, that it just has to be true.

Reportedly, Young was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving on Sunday, then upon his release, he proceeded to break into the tow lot that had his car. Mr. Young was allegedly seen jumping a fence and trying to retain his Ford Mustang. I guess if you’re going to go down, go down swinging, but wow. Those questions of whether or not the receiver has mental issues, seem to be more relevant than ever.

This is not normal behavior. You can potentially blame one bad decision on alcohol, but to sober up, and then make another terrible decision, is just loony. It’s no wonder the St. Louis Rams quickly dropped him after only 10 days, and why the Detroit Lions were ready to move on after two seasons.

It’s not often you hope someone has a mental disorder, but I hope that’s what the issue is. Hopefully, this will be the final straw that causes Young to get some serious evaluations, and then maybe there could be treatment available.

This is all just speculation right now, but Young’s NFL future doesn’t look bright. The Lions have to be very glad they decided to part ways with him, and these incidents just confirm they made the right decision.


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