New York Giants: Victor Cruz Deal Lingers On

By jacobklein
Victor Cruz
Andrew Mills/The Star Ledger-USA Today Sports

As weeks turn into months, Giants fans face one major issue: when will Victor Cruz sign?

There doesn’t seem to be any timeframe at the moment. But according to New York Giants co-owner John Mara, the team will “get it done.” Mara also told NFL Network on Tuesday, “This is not that atypical a situation. Player contracts, particularly with star players like Victor, can tend to drag on from time to time.”

Clearly, the Giants remain confident that Cruz will be on the field when the season starts. Mara added, “This is the right place for him to play. He’s a star in this area, he’s an important part of our team and I think we’ll eventually get a deal done, but it’s just a process that you have to go through. And we’re going through it right now. There’s communication, and it’s slow but steady, and I think at some point we’ll reach a deal.”

Currently, Cruz wants a contract around $10 million per year, which would put him up with the highest paid wide receivers in the league. The Giants are aiming for a few million lower.

The numbers of this deal are actually more important than they may seem. Hakeem Nicks becomes a free agent next year, and it will be incredibly difficult to say the experienced wide out deserves less money than Cruz, given his proven and longer history with the team. However, it is undeniable that Cruz has outperformed Nicks in the past two seasons: he has caught nine more touchdowns and has over 700 more receiving yards during the span.

Until Cruz signs for sure, Giants fans should keep their fingers crossed. Happy #CruzDayTuesday!

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