New York Jets Owner Woody Johnson Needs a Reality Check

By Nick Mamary
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Being in charge of a corporate giant seemingly entitles some individuals to speak at will about their success. New York Jets‘ owner Woody Johnson should learn to keep these thoughts private. At a recent gathering with media members, Johnson said that fans need to understand that there is a plan in place and they should believe that everything will be fine.

This statement perfectly addresses the current state of the Jets. An issue appears, however, when Johnson begins to speak of a certain “buzz” that surrounds his franchise. One reporter then asked if the New England Patriots should be concerned and Johnson replied “absolutely”.  After a terrible 2012 campaign that ended with a 6-10 record there is no reason to gloat. The Jets have also gained a reputation lately for being obnoxious .

Following insults like the “circus” label of last year, it appeared that New York wanted to move away from this perception. An effort has even taken place by head coach Rex Ryan to change his former ways. With talent not being regarded as greatly improved from last year, this was the last thing that Johnson should be saying. Traditionally he is not known as a “football guy” and leaves operations to other staff members.

Johnson has no reason to suddenly come out bragging about what is to come. Despite Geno Smith’s potential there remains a great deal of uncertainty at quarterback. The receiving corps lacks game-breaking talent, and an overhaul has occurred on defense. Playing near New York offers enough pressure, but Johnson has somehow found a way to increase focus on the Jets throughout this upcoming season.

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