Where is Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo?

By Ben Grimaldi
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There has been a lot going on with the Dallas Cowboys since the ink dried on quarterback Tony Romo’s new contract as the team seems to be evolving. We only need to look at the draft to see how the Cowboys are truly Romo friendly on offense now after giving their franchise quarterback more weapons to work with.

However, ever since the Cowboys put all their eggs into the Tony Romo basket, we haven’t heard much from the quarterback. There has been plenty going in Dallas but where is Tony Romo?

Let’s get this straight right now, Romo is the face of the Cowboys team but we rarely hear a peep from him. He gets a big new contract a few weeks ago and he doesn’t say much about it. Heck, DeMarcus Ware had more to say on the matter than Romo did and look at how misinterpreted and twisted his quotes turned out. Even when that happened, we didn’t hear from Romo.

Then the Cowboys go and draft more options for him on offense and we hear a few days later how the team brought Romo in to look at tape and give his opinion on whose game he liked. Of course we heard that from owner Jerry Jones before Jones threw the cherry on top of the Romo sundae by saying Romo was going to work “Peyton Manning type time.” The implication being that Romo didn’t work hard enough as quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.

That was another quote just waiting to be misunderstood and it took all of a few hours for that to happen, and when it did, where was Romo? I didn’t hear one word from Romo about the owner’s claim but here is Jason Witten last week to clear up just how ridiculous it was to think that Romo didn’t work hard enough on his job.

We also haven’t heard from Romo about the Cowboys offensive line and the Doug Free situation, after all, the line’s play could be the one thing that could cause this whole Romo friendly thing to come crashing down. So again, where is Tony Romo?

Dallas wants Romo to be more like Peyton Manning, well part of that is being out front and being the face of your team. Since signing his new contract the face of the Cowboys franchise has been Jerry Jones, and we all know how well that works out.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a huge deal that we don’t hear much from Tony Romo because whatever he says will be scrutinized anyway but he does need to emerge and be more out front for the Cowboys. Without him doing so, we get more headlines from Jones and too much gets lost in the work the Cowboys are doing this offseason.

We’ve checked the golf courses and we know he’s not there, so where is Tony Romo? The Cowboys quarterback needs to stop working those Peyton like hours because Cowboys fans could use a word or two from you right now.

Ben is a Cowboys writer for Rantsports.com and you can chat with or follow him on twitter @BenGrimaldi

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