Andrew Luck Needs Playoff Season for Indianapolis Colts

By Taylor Sturm
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts may not have had as prolific of a first season in the NFL as Robert Griffin III did for the Washington Redskins or Russell Wilson for the Seattle Seahawks, but he was much more solid and less sporadic in his efficiency. Luck is a future elite quarterback, but he has to step up this season if the Colts are to make it to the playoffs again.

The Colts proved that they were capable of stopping teams on defense all throughout last season. They unfortunately got the future Super Bowl champions, the Baltimore Ravens, in the first round of the NFL Playoffs and were manhandled. Luck couldn’t break through the Ravens’ ridiculously strong defensive secondary. He played respectably, but he has to step up in big games or the Colts aren’t going to succeed.

The AFC South isn’t as one sided as it was last season. The Houston Texans are still the favorites, but both the Colts and the Tennessee Titans have improved in the offseason. Even the Jacksonville Jaguars could be a threat if they can figure out their quarterback situation. Luck will have his work cut out for him in an extremely defensive minded division. All of the teams in the AFC South have a pretty solid secondary.

Luck is going to have a great season, but “great” may not be enough for the Colts to do anything special. He has to shake off the first year jitters and play like an elite quarterback if Indianapolis is to go anywhere in the postseason.

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