Arian Foster Primed for a Big Year with Houston Texans

By Taylor Sturm
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Arian Foster is what every young football player grows up dreaming to be. An undrafted free agent from the Tennessee Volunteers, Foster has become one of the most dangerous players in the league. This season will be no different when he leads the Houston Texans to another playoff berth.

In college, Foster had a fumbling problem, but since arriving in the NFL he has rarely given the ball up. He’s a fast, strong, hard-hitting back with the determination that is required to succeed at running back in the NFL. He will continue to succeed this upcoming season, because, as he has proven the past few years, defenses can’t seem to figure out how to stop him.

The Texans are going to be good on both sides of the ball once again this season. Their offense is nearly unstoppable, with quarterback Matt Schaub just one Super Bowl or extended playoff run from being considered an elite quarterback (hey, if Joe Flacco can do it, so can Schaub) and Andre Johnson being one of the most prolific wide receivers in the league. Houston’s offense is top notch.

Foster will have a huge season and be an important part of the Texans’ success. If Houston is to make a deeper run into the playoffs, it will be behind Foster’s running success coupled with their strong defense. Expect Foster to do what he does best and rack up huge numbers against some of the best teams in the NFL.

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